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Tourism and Travel - Adventure and Ecotourism
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Careers in Travel & Tourism...A Great Adventure!

The Tourism and Travel - Adventure and Ecotourism Diploma is a distinctive hybrid travel and tourism program where students explore the travel trade and the outdoor tourism industry. The program is designed to provide entry-level and supervisory skills within the 8 tourism industry sectors.

The students will be introduced to the Apollo and Sabre Global Distribution Systems (GDS) which are used by airlines, hotels, car rentals, railways, travel agents and other travel companies to create and manage reservations. Through the language of geography, students will learn about different cultures and international travel patterns, and how these destinations are affected by global issues and events. Emphasis is placed on the business side of tourism, tour operations, travel industry technology and selling techniques. The students will have the opportunity to earn a multitude of Industry Certifications, choosing from a variety of Outdoor Pursuit programs, CITC destination specialist certifications, including Online Flight Attendant training.

A key component of the program is the opportunity for students to experience and acquire ecotourism and outdoor adventure skills. Students will begin the program with an orientation canoe trip with their fellow classmates and faculty, through the pristine waters of Northwestern Ontario. As an outdoor classroom, students will discover that Northwestern Ontario is a renowned four-season destination which provides a ready-made environment for practical learning. Effective strategies on development and tourism planning will be introduced to promote sustainable tourism through the application of knowledge of the various tourism industries and their interaction.

Students will also gain valuable experience by completing a mandatory co-operative education component between the first and second year of the program which is designed as a process to integrate their academic studies with a paid work experience related to their field of study. This will help the student develop professional contacts by networking with business leaders and acquire job knowledge. Qualified students will also have the opportunity to participate in our Study Abroad programs in the fourth semester of the program.

Coordinator's Welcome

Tourism is the world's fastest growing sector, and with that growth comes the need for workers at all levels. While tourism has always been a hospitable entry point into the world of work, many individuals also benefit from its potential for lifelong career opportunities. Jobs tend to offer plenty of opportunities for advancement, widely transferrable skills, and continuous professional training. Whether you are a youth who wants to discover the world of tourism or a mature adult, there is a job that will fit your lifestyle. Turn your passion into a career. It is up to you to decide what your final destination will be.

Atlantic Ocean

Top Reasons to Consider This Program:

· Most unique hybrid program of Tourism & Travel in Canada: combination of travel and adventure-eco
· Able to explore a wide array of career paths - both in outbound and inbound tourism
· Develop global tourism skills that are transferable all around the world
· Exposure to the industry between the 1st and 2nd year of the program via a cooperative work experience
· Training allows for quick advancement potential in the many different sectors of the tourism industry
· Program offers leading edge content and stays current with the fast changing trends
· Opportunity to experience another culture through our Study Abroad Program
· Experienced faculty, diversified and the most fun!
Choose YOUR final destination!

Tourism jobs tend to offer advancement, widely transferable skills, and ongoing training. "A job for today," as they say in the industry, and "a career for tomorrow."

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